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以下为部分中英翻译,提高点分数呗,补全全部翻译 Canada is one of the largest countries in the world,second only to Russia,and has always been famous for its fantastic natural scenery. Canada has vast areas of wilderness,from the Arctic north,

我一直都不明白,为什么在百花之中,中 国人偏爱梅花、偏钟情于梅花呢?是因为 它美的缘故么?是的,它的确很美:朵朵 冷艳、缕缕幽芳、孤芳自赏、纯洁无瑕. 像一只骄傲的天鹅屹于冰雪间.“千白丛 中一点红”.开得刺眼,开得高傲;

one of my actresses is ill. she has just one line , and you're the only one who fits her clothes. one afternoon, the school drama director suddenly shouted to me. but it wasn't easy at all. on the stage, four other actors and actresses spoke their lines. i


是翻译成英文吗,译文如下Andy had grown up, is preparing to go to college away from home, start a new life. Woody Bass and Andy could not bear to accompany his 10 years of these toys, they want toys into their own loft, but Woody stayed put.

我怎能将你与夏日相比? 你比它更温和可爱: 动人的花蕾在五月咆哮的风中颤抖, 夏日的美好时光也绝不长久: 太阳的金色光芒虽然耀眼, 却常常以灰暗的面貌出现; 再美貌的物什都逃不过凋谢, 命运流转或无意间将其拆解; 可你如夏日般不会褪色, 你的美貌也将永存; 死神无法夸耀你曾在它的阴影中游荡, 伴随永恒的诗篇你将留存: 只要人类生生不息 我的诗句能被见证, 你就会在传承中得到永生!




Because of the price change for training customized packages, so again with XX company signed a contract about the training with the package. The attachment is the specific details of the contract. The contract has been preliminary examination

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