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Mike(M) Danny(C), Tommy(T)---classmates Scene----in the college dorm Danny is playing a computer game on his laptop. Tommy is sleeping. Mike came back from a morning jogging. M: hi, Dan, what are u doing? D: I am playing war craft. M:

一个服务员(Staff),俩客人(Guset1(男),Guest2(女)) Staff :Good evening ,SIr and madam ; my i help you ? G1:yes ,we'd like to have dinner here S:Well,this way please~ S:this is menu ,please take your time G1:Do you have any special

a; have you watched the superman yesterday. b; excellent c;right, i don't believe so , i think i am stronger than him a; boast b; not boast , to be honesty c;really, look my arm my waist and my fist and so on a; wait wait,look at belly, just like a tyre b; oh,

a:hi tom, nice to see you!b: me too. do you have any plan this weekend?a: i have no idea.b: jack and i plan to hangzhou this saturday. would you like to go with us?a: good idea, hangzhou is a good place to travel.when will we start our journey?b: we

三人在校园相遇的对话.不知你是否喜欢?人物:Xiao Ling (X),Yani,(Y) Songtao(S) 地点:校园 Xiao Ling is on her way to the dormitory.She drops a book and Yani and

A: Hello, can you speak English? B: yes, what can I do for you? A: oh, good. I want to go to HongXing primary school, can you tell me the way? B: sorry, I'm not very clear. There has a police, and I can help you to ask him. A: thank you very much. B:

Jimmy: Grandpapa, do you know Ligang? Grandpapa: Woo, he is an ass hole. Grandma: Trully is , his son drove the car crazily in the campus, and get rid of a young life. Jimmy: Daddy told me the bastard will be put into the prison? Grandpapa: You

A Hi, Mary,Lily.What's up? BC Nothing. B Where are you going ? A I will go shopping. C Let us go tegether. B Good idea. A Ok. I'm not alone. So good. C Oh, I'm hangury. I want to eat some food. B So do I. A I know that there is a pretty good

Robbie 和Alex是一对好朋友.有一天,他俩在Robbie家发现了一只狗Gemma.他们用了很多办法为狗找主人,但都没有成功.最后,他们来到了一家动物收容所.Linda是这家动物收容所的所长. Linda: Good morning .sir .what can I do for you

尤:wow,long time no see. 靳:oh,I'm lucky to meet you here. 尤:Welcome to Mount Tai 靳:Thanks.I heard that Mount Tai is 1545 meters and covers an area of 426 square kilo -meters. It is famous of the title of"the first mountain" .Can you

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