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我在此仅代表学生会向同学们提几个意见 英文翻译

On behalf of the Student Union,I advise several aspects to the students.

I represent the student union. We advise students how to have a healthy and happy Spring Festival. Students should remember: When in Rome, do as Romans do. We should understand some traditional customs, such as having family reunion

On behalf of the students you teacher initiative to save energy from you and me to start

您好,翻译为:I stand for..classmates accept your advise 希望帮助你

Yes,i do.As you know,the space is an enormous,unknown item.Nowaday,no one can clearly say what is available there,so it means that the first country that can tell the detail of it is the strongest technology country.

A: Excuse me, may I come in? 打扰一下,我可以进来么? B: Certainly, please. 请 因为我认为学生会是一个可以锻炼自己,为同学们服务的地方. B: Then, What's your

You should listen to the teacher carefully in the class . And you can read some english book after class . when you have some proplems,you can ask for the teacher . he can help you .then your english will be good.

dear mr mayor, i' m writing to you about starting a bus drivers' day. these years ,we are happy to have buses going between ever city, every town and almost every village in jiaxi now more and more people both in cities and in the countryside are

1The student union will hold a called "who has stolen our cheese"English speaking contest,hope you can do the judges.2The game has 10 students to participate in, they all speak fluent3The

Students notice Notice As rain today, the school canceled games, postponed games to be held next month on the 1st. Please spread the students to see. Students notice December 9, 2011

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