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First,put the butter on a slice of bread.Then cut up an onion and a tomato,put them on the bread.Put the chicken slices on the bread. Next,put the relish on the bread.Finally,put another bread on the top.

制作原料是咸面包片3片,鸡蛋2只,薄方火腿2片,黄油10克. 制作方法是面包片要稍厚些,先放进烤箱里烤至微黄,备用;把鸡蛋打散,在平锅里放少许黄油后,将蛋液倒入铺开,放入方火腿肉,取出后用刀一分而二切开,备用;把一片面

Last Sunday I went to see my aunt with my brother. My aunt made some beef sandwiches for us. They were very delicious. After lunch, I asked my aunt to teach me how to make a beef sandwich. First, she put a teaspoon of butter on a slice of bread.

first put some butter on two slices of bread. then cut up a tomato. put the tomato on the bread. next, add two slices of turkey. at last, put two teaspoons of relish on the turkey. haha! now, you can enjoy it. how delicious it is! have a try!

First, put a teaspoon of butter on a slice of bread. Then cut up two bananas .Add the banana to the bread. Next, put two teaspoons of honey and one cup of ice cream on the bread. Next put three slices of turkey on the bread, and put a sliced onion

Put the relish on the beef.NextHow to make a beef sandwich,put the butter on a slice of bread,cut up a potato,put another slice of bread on the top你可以参照书上的Unit7 3a.Finally.Then,put some lettcue and the beef slice on the bread .Put the potato on the bread?First

把制作步骤一步步写出来就行了 注意用连词:first,then,next,finally 之类的

first ,put the butter on a slice of bread .then cut up vegetable,fruit and apples.add these to the bread .next ,put the turtey slices on the bread .put the honey and yogurt on the turkey.finally,put another slice of bread on the top.

It is quite convenient to have a sandwich for a lunch or whenever we are hungry. It seems easy to have a sandwich from a supermarket or from a corner shop. But it is not straightforward to make one as I expected.I had to make some sandwich with

First put some yogurt between two pieces of toast and with honey.To add some vitamin into the sandwich,i suggest to cut up the apple into pieces and sandwich them between the toasts.Oh,remember.You need to peel the apple before cutting it into

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