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ChAngE into造句

I change the dream into realityTo integrate change into your life, it must become a part of your daily routine.要让改变融入你的生活,它就必须成为你日常生活的一部分.

change into 英[teind ntu] 美[tend ntu] [词典] 换上衣服; (使) 变为; [例句]She could change into a different outfit in two minutes 她能在两分钟内换上一套不同的行头.

The refrigerator changed the glass of water into ice. I changed a 100-yuan note into coins.

Please change Chinese into English.

They are changing desert into farmland. 他们正在使沙漠变为农田.

change into:外表变化 turn into: 本质变化

Release the resentment and grief through forgiveness, and the dreams can change into a new day and a new life ahead.通过原谅来放下怨恨和悲痛,那么梦想就可以变成前方新的生活.

can you change the water into ice? neither you nor him went to the zoo. everyone is happy here except for me.

是creat吧?! creat造句:How do I creat a new file? 我该怎么创建新文档? change into造句:When water boils it changes into steam.水沸腾时就变成蒸汽.

change intoKK: [ ]DJ: [ ]1. 把变成They are changing desert into farmland.他们正在使沙漠变为农田.2. 变成Sometimes common nouns change into proper nouns.有时普通名词会转变成专有名词.3. 换(衣)You should change into your working clothes before you start to do the job.开始工作以前你应该换上工作服. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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