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expect [ik'spekt] vt.1. 预期,预料;预计…可能来到(或发生):例句: Hunter expects that she will come. 亨特预料她会来. I expected you sooner. 我盼望着你早来.2. 等待,盼望,期待;要求:例句: I expect obedience 我要求服从.I expect

expect:[ iks'pekt ] v. [希望] [期望] [预料] [预计] [预期] [想] [期待] [以为] expect [v.] 后面的常见名词 [n.] [baby] [result] [call] [time] [letter] [thing] [help] [visitor] [child] [answer] expect [v.] 前面的常见副词 [ad.] [never] [when] [how] [so] [much] [always] [also] [

期待, 预期, 盼望, 指望, (料)想, 认为To look forward to the probable occurrence or appearance of:期待:期望某事的发生或出现:expecting a telephone call; expects rain on Sunday.等电话;等待星期天下雨To consider likely or certain

expect ex.pect[Ik`spZkt; ikspkt, k-]《源自拉丁文“看外面,盼望”的意思》及物动词1 预期,期待(→ want A【同义字】). a. (当作当然之事而) 期待…,预期…,等待…,预计会有…Don't ~ wonderful results.不要期待有很好的结果I ~

选A.expect sb. to do sth.是固定搭配,as well as前后结构要保持一致. 对,应该是C.我看错了.as well as前后结构要保持一致. 不定式并列作expect的宾语补足语. expect sb. to do sth.是固定搭配,意思是“期待某人做某事”.

esides是作“除此之外”讲,是肯定的意思,相当于as well as或in addition to的用法;except则是作“除了”讲,是否定的意思,相当于butnot或leaving out的用法.

expect [iks5pekt] vt. vi. 期待, 预期, 盼望, 指望, (料)想, 认为及物动词) (1) To look forward to the probable occurrence or appearance of: 期待:期望某事的发生或出现: expecting a telephone call; expects rain on Sunday.

有打算、已准备、意料到一定不作“希望”解.大家似乎对“expect”的用法不太了解.这个字有很多意思.从“期望”到“要求”到“料到”到“怀孕”都可以用.例如:I expect you to be punctual. = 我要求你必须准时.这句话里“expect”

expect : 预计to expect sb. to do sth. 预料某人会做某事to expect fine weather/trouble/good news 预计会有好天气/麻烦/好消息to be expected 相当正常to expect the worst 做最坏的打算to know what to expect 知道将会发生甚么I expected as much

expect强调客观上可能实现的“期望”,“期待”等.常用于: 1、 expect+n./pron .盼望或期待某物e.g. He is expecting her letter.Don't expect to o much of him. 2、 expect+to do.sth.期望做某事e.g. She expects to go there next week. 3、 expect+sb | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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