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hElp out造句

区别就在于help out 带介词 with 连接“某事”.help out with sth - 帮助(某人)做某事.例如:can you help me out with my english homework? 你能帮助我做英语作业吗?help out - 帮助(某人).例如:there was only a young girl to help out in the kitchen. 厨房里只有一个年轻姑娘帮忙.

he helped me out with my task.他帮我完成了任务.i will help out on my farther's farm this summer.今年夏天我要到父亲的农场去帮忙.

Can I help out? 我能帮忙吗? The foreman said he wanted a general dog's body to help out on the site. 领班说,他需要一个勤杂工帮助干工地上的活. Help out, don't hinder. 帮帮忙,不要碍事. He refused to accept help out of a false sense of pride. 他由於死要面子而不肯接受帮助.

She's always willing to help out.她总是乐于帮助人.

help he often help his mother do houseworkout the tree is out the roomwith I will go shopping with my sister

it is necessary to help him outit 【形式主语】is【系】necessary【表】to help him out【真正主语】

Please help me out of the crisis.

1 I just help out with the laundry when my parents were busy.2 Bosom friends are those whose cheer you up whenever you are blue.3 The organization was set up in 2009

Thank him very much for helping me out of trouble.望采纳

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