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我很高兴 双语对照 例句: 1. I am very happy to see you, liss. 我很高兴见到你,小莉。


I am so happy. 过去式把am替换成was

我的家乡可美丽、漂亮了。 春天,一棵棵挂花树开花了,一阵阵清香飘荡在家旁,只要一走出家门就能闻到桂花的清香。桂花还可以做茶叶,在树上,把它一朵又一朵的摘下来,在炎热的天气里晒上几天再把它放在瓶子里放上五六个月,就可以泡茶了。 夏...

I am very happy to make friends with you. 我很高兴和你交朋友。 词组 make friends with v.与…交友,与…交朋友,和睦; 轧; [例句]You make friends with people and then make unreasonable demands so that they reject you. 你和别人交朋友...

歌曲:《Happy》 歌手:Pharrell Williams(法瑞尔·威廉姆斯) 歌曲歌词: 英文 It might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine she's here, you ...

i am very happy to join you 我很高兴加入你们 双语例句 1 Sichuan skating brush street league? Very nice-sounding name! I amhappy to join you 四川轮滑刷街联盟?非常好听的名字!我很高兴加入你们

交换一下,可能更好些: Without you, I am not happy at all. 没有你,俺的世界一片灰暗。 或者: Breaking up with you, I am not happy any longer.

Today my mother took me to the zoo where I excpet to visit for long.There is a bit of kinds of animals inluding lions,my favorite terrigenous animals.We even saw several rare animals such as crocodiles and moon bears.Obsevering...

How are you? I am very happy to be your pen pal. I want to know more about you. 你好吗?很高兴成为你的笔友。我想知道更多关于你的事.

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