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reliable 的动词是rely; helpless的名词是help,动词也是help.

rely D.J.[rilai] K.K.[rla] vi. 信任2113; 信赖5261; 依赖4102, 依靠1653 reliance D.J.[rilains] K.K.[rlans] n. 依靠, 依赖 reliably D.J.[rlabl] K.K.[rlabl] adv. 可靠地回;确实地答

LZ,Reliable ,形容词: 可靠的, 可信赖的可以修饰名词,a reliable friend,值得信赖的朋友.a reliable agent 可靠的公司也可以做表语,I am reliable. 我是值得信赖的.副词可以有很多,quite,fairly,pretty,hardly,等等..Reliant, 形容词:信赖的, 依靠的, 信赖自己的,依赖的注意,这个词比较RELIABLE还有依靠依赖性的意思.I am reliant指的是,我是很依赖人的.She is reliant on drugs.她很依靠药物(毒品),或者她对药物(毒品)有依赖性) 22340希望对你有帮助!

当“显示,指示”讲的时候:display,show, demonstrate 当“指明,表明”讲的时候 illustrate,point,specify

actually certainly indeed undoubtedly truly

advantage gain; benefit; upper hand; vantage; welfare; good; facility; preference; sake; privilege; avail; beauty; plus; convenience; utility; profit; favor; blessing; disadvantage drawback; handicap; liability; inconvenience; loss; penalty; prejudice;

wholly, completely, totally, all, altogether, whole

reliable可靠的a reliable一个可靠的adj.形容词

defiance: [ di'fains ] n. 蔑视,挑战,挑衅

可替换成: be able to (do sth. ), be capable of (doing sth.) 如: most children are able to walk before they are able to talk. = most children can walk before they can talk. 多数孩子在会说话前就会走路. he is capable of running a mile in four minutes. =he can run a mile in four minutes. 他能用四分钟跑一英里.

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